Why solar heating

By installing a solar-heating system for your pool, you can extend the use of your pool from the usual four months to about seven months of the year. Solar pool heating is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy, especially in the South African climate. The Pool Heating Studio is based in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs.

Why choose us

  • Top-quality system
  • Professional team
  • Quick installation
  • 10-year warranty

The Pool Heating Studio's professional installation team will get your new solar-heating system up and running in just a few hours, using your existing pool pump and filter.

Our guarantee


With over 15 years in Cape Town’s home improvement industry, our product, installation and customer service are well-tested, efficient and professional.


Our solar heaters are tried and tested to last many years. If you have any problems, however, give us a call – we are always happy to help.

Cost effectiveness

Adding solar panels to your current pool system is a highly efficient way of adding value to your home, as no additional electricity is required.

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Solar pool heating

How pool solar heating works

First, your regular pool pump pumps water through the standard filter to remove the debris and dirt that would return to the pool; then, instead of sending that water straight back to your pool (as your pump would ordinarily do), we divert the water to solar panels where the water is heated by the sun. After collecting energy from the panels, the warmed water is returned to your pool. It will circulate through the panels for as long as your pump is on. Should you decide that the pool is too hot, you can bypass the heating panels by using an easy-to-access flow-control valve.

Essential parts

1) Solar panel array

The component through which pool water is circulated so as to be heated by the sun.

2) Flow control valve

The component that diverts pool water through the solar panels.

3) Pump

The component that circulates water through the filter and panels and back to the pool.

4) Filter

The component that removes debris before water is pumped through the panels.

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Contact information

Tel: 021 712 3713
Fax: 021 712 3726
Email: info@poolheatingstudio.co.za

Physical address:
109 Main Road, Bergvliet 7800, Cape Town, Western Cape (see map below)

Turn LEFT at Ladies Mile Road and Main Road intersection. Just past the Goemans Centre and SPAR, you'll see our showroom (as pictured above) on your right.
From Kendal Road and Main Road intersection, turn RIGHT into the Main Road and travel for 1.5 kms. Our showroom is on your left, shortly after the Shell Garage.

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 12:00PM

The Pool Heating Studio location

The Pool Heating Studio provides sales and installation of solar pool-heating systems across greater Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa. If you are in the Western Cape but out of Cape Town, please contact us directly to see if we can service your area.

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